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Mersen Graphite can provide technical knowledge to help you solve issues with your high temperature graphite applications.

From thermal transfer to thermal insulation, purity to coatings, resistivity to strength, Mersen Graphite has the complete product line of materials and services to meet your needs.


Featured Applications

  • Continuous Casting Dies

    Continuous Casting Dies

    Mersen graphite continuous casting dies are the ideal solution for casting copper alloy, precious metals, and cast-iron products. Iso-molded graphite is used in the metal-casting process and allows the metal processing to be monitored continuously through various stages of melting from the liquid state to the solid state resulting in semi-finished products such as wires, bars, tubes, and strips.

  • Cooling Tables

    Cooling Tables

    At Mersen, we offer state-of-the-art cooling technology and feature high performance, high-ratio cooling solutions. We will help designate the best possible solution for your cooling needs. Aluminum extrusion facilitates sliding, leaves no marks, and helps remove heat from extrusions.

  • Crucibles - Vitreous Carbon

    Crucibles - Vitreous Carbon

    We use a glassy carbon material known as vitreous carbon to produce laboratory crucibles and other medical components. Some of the beneficial properties of this material include remarkable resistance to leaks, chemical agents, and extreme temperature conditions.

  • Furnaces


    At Mersen we offer a complete range of materials and products for high temperature furnaces to best fit your needs. Some of the products we offer include atmosphere-controlled, vacuum, brazing, and heat treatment furnaces. Additionally, our expertise allows us to offer specialized technical solutions in graphite refractories, C/C composites, rigid insulation and flexible graphite.

  • Graphite Fixtures

    Graphite Fixtures

    At Mersen we guarantee only the finest selection of raw materials and ensure the precise control of production resources to provide unparallelled performance. Our graphite offers advantages which set it apart from the crowd. Due to its low coefficient of thermal expansion, geometric stability at high temperatures is guaranteed. The mechanical strength remains unaltered at high temperatures.

  • Heating Elements

    Heating Elements

    Mersen manufactures a variety of products designed to function properly in a wide range of temperatures. This process includes a controlled factor of thermal expansion, and offers excellent resistance to wear and oxidation.

  • High Temperature Thermal Insulation Packs

    High Temperature Thermal Insulation Packs

    Mersen offers expertise in numerous high-temperature industrial processes including energy efficiency and thermal control. Our insulation materials range from flexible to rigid materials which can be coated or impregnated to your needs.

  • Hot Press Dies & Molds

    Hot Press Dies & Molds

    We offer clients an array of solutions for their mass production needs. We optimize our technology to provide the design and manufacturing of dies and molds while staying a step ahead of global competition.

  • Seals


    Mersen produces and develops a wide variety of sealing applications, whether your needs include standard industrial applications or more severe superheated system applications. Our carbon and graphite materials can be applied in many aggressive work environments including chemical, nuclear, paper, iron, and steel industries.

  • Sintering Trays

    Sintering Trays

    The sintering process comes from old manufacturing techniques, and over time Mersen has discovered a modern application. High-pressure sintering uses heat and/or pressure to manufacture an object from metal or powders.

  • Composite Molds

  • CVD Fixtures

  • Furnace Linings

  • Heaters

  • Molds

  • Pancake Susceptor

  • Rails

  • Rotors, Impellers & Shafts

  • Run-Out Tables

  • Satellites

  • Shields

  • Susceptors

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