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With over 100 years of experience, Mersen Graphite has remained at the forefront of the carbon and graphite industry. Mersen Graphite’s predecessors, Stackpole Carbon and Carbone Lorraine, were pioneers in speciality fine grain, ISO-Molded Graphite. 

Today Mersen Graphite maintains one of the largest and most technically up to date specialty Graphite Machining facilities in the world. We have developed processes designed to significantly improve the physicochemical properties of materials, particularly when required for high-tech applications subjected to high stresses. Contact Us »


Mersen Graphite Capabilities

  • Mersen Graphite - Graphite Coatings / Graphite Impregnation

    Mersen has mastered the deposition of Silicon Carbide Thin Films which provide unequalled protection of graphite equipment, even in harsh conditions.

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  • Mersen Graphite - Graphite Machining Capabilities

    Mersen Graphite has the most up-to-date software and equipment to meet all of your graphite manufacturing needs. From saw cut plates at nominal tolerance to the most complex design demanding the strictest of tolerances, we can handle all your Graphite Machining requirements.

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  • Mersen Graphite - ISO-Molded Graphite Manufacturing

    With the installation of a new ISO-press, Mersen Graphite now has the capability to manufacture billets up to 60 inches square and the largest diameters available in the specialty graphite industry.

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  • Purification

    Mersen Graphite's purity processes allow us to achieve extremely low impurity levels, to below 5 ppm Ash.

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