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Mersen Graphite is your one-stop-shop for high temperature carbon and graphite materials. We offer a wide range of sizes in both Iso-molded and extruded grades of graphite. For your insulation requirements, we can also provide CALCARB® CBCF rigid insulation, Papyex flexible graphite, carbon/carbon composite materials, Isolor carbon foam, carbon and graphite felt.  Browse our wide variety of machined graphite and carbon materials below.

Talk with us about your graphite and insulation requirements! We look forward to working with you. 


Featured Materials

  • Mersen Graphite - Carbon-Carbon Composites

    Mersen Graphite has over 20 years experience in manufacturing its grades of Carbon-Carbon Composites. We understand the need for very high strength and wear resistance materials that will be used in a high temperature environment.

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  • Mersen Graphite - Extruded Graphite

    Mersen Graphite is your source for quality extruded graphite products. We offer custom manufactured graphite products to fit your specific needs.

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  • Mersen Graphite - ISO-Molded Graphite

    Mersen Graphite is the industry leader with a wide range of Iso-molded graphite grades. Each grade has unique properties designed to give you maximum performance in your harsh high temperature environment. Our graphite gives you the low cost solution for your graphite application.

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  • Mersen Graphite - ISOLOR

    ISOLOR® is a patented product of sandwiched material with the inside layers made from flexible graphite and a core with low-density carbon foam. It is designed for long duration in extreme temperature and vacuum environments.

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  • Mersen Graphite - Mechanical Carbon-Graphite

    Mersen Graphite has an extensive inventory of carbon and graphite grades specifically designed for mechanical applications.

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  • Mersen Graphite - Papyex, Brazing

    Mersen Graphite, a world leading producer of fine grain iso-molded carbons and graphites, also manufactures and markets PAPYEX, a pure flexible graphite. Papyex is used for seals, gaskets, and thermal/electrical applications.

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  • Mersen Graphite - Rigid Insulation, CALCARB CBCF Insulation

    CALCARB CBCF insulation enables the perfect protection and regulation for very high-temperature furnaces from 1,000°C up to 3,000°C. As an expert in composite or graphite refractory materials and high-temperature insulation, Mersen Graphite sells “machined to design” solutions, giving turnkey services capability.

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  • Mersen Graphite - Graphite Felt, Carbon Felt

    Graphite felt is a rayon based material that is an ideal choice for vacuum furnaces or process temperatures above 2000° C. Carbon felt is a lower-cost alternative to Graphite felt and is used for applications where chemical purity is not as critical.

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