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Mechanical Carbon-Graphite

Carbon and Graphite grades made specifically for you

Mechanical Carbon & Graphite

Mersen Graphite has and extensive inventory of Carbon and graphite grades specifically designed for mechanical applications such as:

  • Guiding and friction: bearings, thrust bearings, rotors, vanes, ...
  • Dynamic sealing: rotating shafts, pistons, ...
  • Aerospace: main shaft seals, flex tubing seals, APV seals,...

Carbons and graphite are efficient dry self-lubricants, which is an attractive property in applications such as control instruments, telephone equipment and meters.

Carbons and graphite are chemically inert and corrosion resistant. Wherever ordinary lubricants are not recommended, carbons and graphite perform well, either dry in a corrosive atmosphere or immersed in corrosive liquids.