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Mersen Graphite - Rigid Insulation, CALCARB CBCF Insulation

Mersen acquired CALCARB in 2009. CALCARB CBCF insulation enables the perfect protection and regulation for very high-temperature furnaces from 1,000°C up to 3,000°C. As an expert in composite or graphite refractory materials and high-temperature insulation, Mersen Graphite sells “machined to design” solutions, providing turnkey service capabilities.

We can supply CBCF material in various forms from foil backed board stock for sintering furnaces, to barrel stave, CWC (cylinder within a cylinder), and formed cylinders up to 55” in diameter for vacuum furnaces.

To increase the life and performance of CBCF insulation, Mersen offers these enhancements:

  • Calcoat: A standard graphite paint that inhibits dusting by sealing all coated surfaces. It offers a limited erosion resistance. 
  • Calfoil: A high purity graphite foil protection that inhibits also dusting, enabling a better temperature uniformity along plane of foil.
  • Calcoat CVD: A pyrocarbon outer layer that is applied to all finished surfaces of machined parts to offer erosion protection and a barrier against impregnation from process vapors.
  • Innovative SIC Protection: In some specific conditions, like hydrogenated atmosphere over 1,000°C, carbon fibers are corroded by the medium. As insulation parts are often the critical part of such a process, the silicon carbide infiltration provides an unparalleled advantage.  Mersen’s unique expertise in this field can help to reduce maintenance downtime of your process by extending the insulation service life.

Rigid Insulation Sizes

These sizes are in stock and ready to ship from Mersen USA Midland-MI:

  • 1" x 24" x 52" Plain
  • 1" x 24" x 52" Foiled one side
  • 1" x 24" x 52" Coated one side
  • 1" x 40" x 60" Coated one side
  • 2" x 24" x 52" Foiled one side
  • 2" x 40" x 60" Foiled one side