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Proven solutions for hot glass handling

Graphites, composites, metallic systems for hot glass handling

Mersen Graphite's graphites, composites, and metallic systems are used extensively throughout the glass handling industry. Its leading brand for materials and systems in the container glass handling is CERBERITE®.

Our technologically advanced materials provide superb performance in the hostile environment of extreme heat and possible oil contamination. Innovative improvements of our graphite grades and proven solutions make us a full basket supplier of high quality machined materials and metallic supports. CERBERITE® hardware is custom designed to specific hot handling requirements from the beginning to the end of a process line.

CERBERITE® provides complete proven solutions combining metallic hardware and carbon contact consumables through its extensive experience in hot glass handling. We offer an assurance of the same quality graphite materials and solutions worldwide and provide proven machined solutions for hot glass handling at a reasonable rate.

Glass Applications:

Inserts, Pickups, Glob Chutes, Sweep-out Fingers, Takeout Tongs

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