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Greenville St. Marys Bay City GLOBAL LEADER IN GRAPHITE

Specializing in Graphite Machining

A top graphite machining company with over 100 years experience producing the highest quality graphite products available.


Ranked as one of the top graphite machining facilities in the nation specializing in machined graphite and rigid insulation products.

St. Marys

Setting the standard for over 100 years in producing high-quality, fine-grain Iso-molded graphite products.

Bay City

Supplying high quality machined, purified, and silicon carbide coated graphite components since 1945.


Specializing in the manufacturing of iso-molded graphite, machining, purification and SIC coating with over 100 years of experience.

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Mersen’s primary objective is to create value for customers. With our-depth market knowledge and close customer relationships, we can capture future trends and support industrial businesses in our markets.