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Photovoltaic Energy

Our pure HCL turn-key systems are used to produce trichlorosilane (TCS) a key component for the manufacture of polysilicon. Our ultra-pure graphite equipment enables manufacturers of polysilicon, the principal component in photovoltaic panels, to increase their efficiency while cutting their costs. By helping to unlock competitive gains, we are playing a key role in the development of this industry.

Polysilicon is the key material used in photovoltaic cells whose purification requires large amount of our equipments:

  • Hydro Chloric acid stripper for the silanes production
  • Graphite equipments for Siemens, FBR and UMG processes

Polysilicon chunks are then melted in high temperature furnaces to produce the round- or square-section ingots that will be used for making photovoltaic cells. Three main processes can be used to transform polysilicon into solar cells:

  • CZ process for mono-crystalline cells
  • DSS process for multi-crystalline cells
  • Ribbon growth for thin multi-crystalline cells

Mersen Graphite provides long lasting process solutions to achieve the best solar cell efficiency and to reduce the energy consumption in the process.

In the transmission of power from the solar panels to the grid, Mersen Graphite provides electrical components for circuit protection (Current, Voltage surge and Cooling  for power electronics).

Applications: Connectors, Heaters, Shields, Pedestals, High Temperature Thermal Insulation Packs


Conventional Energy

Mersen is also active in oil & gas, thermal, nuclear and mining industries and offers solution for power generation and conversion. Mersen Graphite supplies high-purity graphite to manufactures of high-grade diamond, cubic boron nitride, and polycrystalline products that are used worldwide in cutting tools, construction, oil and gas drilling, and mining applications.

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