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Coatings & Impregnations

Ensuring the preservation of your graphite equipment with coated products

Mersen Graphite Coating / Impregnation

Mersen's products can be coated with a thin layer of pyrolitic carbon thereby reducing the material's permeability to reactive products to a minimum, particularly for semi-conductor applications. In order to further enhance the resistance to process reagents, Mersen proposes core impregnation with resin to reduce porosities.

We have mastered the deposition of silicon carbide thin films which provide unequalled protection of graphite equipment in particularly harsh environments. Mersen also supplies coated products for semiconductor, MOCVD, and photovoltaic industries.


  • Epitaxial Susceptors
  • Barrel Susceptors (7800, 7810, Expansion Kit, 7700)
  • Single Wafer (susceptors, rings, lift pins, support pins)


  • Susceptors
  • Satellites


  • SIC coated graphite for thin film applications



CVD Silicon Carbide Coating

Mersen's products are coated with a uniform impervious CVD deposition of silicon carbide. The result is a high-quality part that is virtually inert to all process gases and chemicals. An excellent CTE match is maintained between the graphite substrate and the silicon carbide coating – an important feature that assures greater stability and longer life.

CVD Pyrolytic Graphite Coating

Mersen's CVD pyrolytic graphite is an ultra-pure coating that provides high density, strength and hardness along with very low porosity which is virtually impermeable to fluids and gases. This unique coating features varying properties dependent on crystallographic orientation.

Design & Engineering

Mersen's also has extensive market and application knowledge that can be used in providing guidance in designing CVD-coated components to meet your specific requirements.

Vitreous Carbon Impregnation

This process was developed to reduce particle emissions and the vacuum outgassing of materials, particularly for semi-conductor applications.

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