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Mersen Graphite offers to OEM and electronic component makers an innovative and wide range of smart and cost effective high temperature graphite based solutions. Above all, Mersen Graphite provides the lowest level of elemental contamination with its 99.9995% purified grades and allows its customers to manufacture and to process defect free materials and components.

Mersen Graphite’s clean room packaging allows for straight use in customer’s clean rooms. High density graphite grades with small grain size ensure that no particle contamination occurs in ultra high vacuum. Mersen Graphite drastically reduces molecular contamination to a minimum with appropriate additional treatments, from outgasing, to closing graphite’s natural porosity by impregnation.

Gas tight, to hermetic coatings, are renown specialities of Mersen Graphite to prevent undesired wafer doping. Mersen Graphite is qualified as a supplier for spare parts used in the electronic industry, from polysilicon production equipment to single crystal growing furnaces, epitaxy reactors MOCVD reactors, dry etchers, ion implanters, glass to metal and metal to metal sealing furnaces, contaminants analysers, and many more.

Applications: Planets, Satellites, High Temperature Thermal Insulation Packs



Mersen Graphite is qualified as a supplier of high quality coated graphite parts to OEM and after-market customers in the electronics industry, including single crystal growing furnaces, epitaxy reactors MOCVD reactors, dry etchers, ion implanters, and many more.

Applications: Planets, Satellites, Wafer Carrier



Mersen Graphite supplies high purity graphite and insulation parts to the compound semiconductor market; specializing in furnace parts for growth furnaces, and Tantalum Carbide (TaC) and Silicon Carbide (SiC) coated parts for compound wafer processing.

Applications: Heaters, Crucibles - Vitreous Carbon, High Temperature Thermal Insulation Packs



Mersen Graphite had become a globally renowned precision component fabricator of graphite and insulation parts for fiber optic draw towers. We also specialize in high purity graphite for producing quartz crucibles used in the semiconductor industry. Our parts are the consumables and fixtures that aid in producing various quartz and silicon shapes; supporting, protecting, isolating, and handling the various materials that become integrated circuits, memory, logic, and more.

Applications: Crucibles - Vitreous Carbon, Heaters, Molds, High Temperature Thermal Insulation Packs, Pedestals, Shields, Susceptors



Mersen Graphite products are critical inputs in the manufacture of a wide range of graphite and rigid insulation to be used in growing markets, including aluminum, photovoltaic solar cells, electronic semiconductors, ductile iron, and automotive parts. Mersen Graphite's manufacturing, machining, purification, and coating facilities are designed and managed to be highly-flexible, enabling us to meet your critical specifications.

Applications: Hot Press Dies & Molds

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