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Process Industries

Graphite Purification Processes

Mersen Graphite has developed processes designed to significantly improve the physicochemical properties of materials, particularly when required for high-tech applications subjected to high stresses. Our purity processes allow us to achieve extremely low impurity levels, to below 5 ppm of Ash. The ETV-ICP method is used to detect and monitor impurities to levels below 5 ppb.

Toll Purification

Mersen Graphite provides custom toll purification of machined graphite and rigid insulation to meet your specific requirements.  A wide variety of furnace sizes are available to purify your parts in a cost-effective and timely manner.

High-Temperature Halogen Purification - ETV-ICP OES

Mersen Graphite's high temperature halogen purification process provides the best purity in the industry.  Mersen Graphite has the capability of attaining PPB levels of purity. Our ETV-ICP OES elemental purify analyzing equipment is key in providing the assay element levels unreadable by many other graphite suppliers. All parts are carefully cleaned of metal contaminants and thoroughly purified.

ETV-ICP OES Purity Analysis

  • State-of-the-art graphite technique
  • Typical detection limits are in PPB for key elements
  • Value-added service for customers

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