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Mersen Graphite - Transportation, Aerospace, Metallurgical Applications



Mersen Graphite offers a variety of graphite grades for use as Composite Tooling and Fixturing. Our Grade 2020 comes in sizes up to 12”x 40”x 80” long which is the largest block size of Iso-molded material produced in the graphite industry.

Aerospace Applications:  Molds, Composite Molds, Graphite Fixtures



Mersen Graphite products are critical inputs in the manufacture of a wide range of graphite and rigid insulation to be used in growing markets, including aluminum, photovoltaic solar cells, electronic semiconductors, ductile iron, and automotive parts. Mersen Graphite's manufacturing, machining, purification, and coating facilities are designed and managed to be highly-flexible, enabling us to meet your critical specifications.

Metallurgical Applications:  Hot Press Dies & Molds

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